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Catherine Guerin

Feldenkrais: Explorations in the Art of Slowing Down

The Feldenkrais Method promotes awareness through movement. Simple movement explorations encourage creativity, self-regulation and autonomy. Participants practice curiosity, moving with ease, presence, awareness and quality of action, rather than ambition and achievement. It is a learner-centered approach which transfers the focus from teacher knowledge to student understanding.

One is guided in a playful process of movement exploration and experimentation aimed to unlock habits of moving and thinking that may negatively impact on one’s movement potential and wellbeing. What if there were no rush? No requirement to conform to a group ethos or imposed ideal? The focus for the Feldenkrais participant is awareness, both of the self in motion and of the self’s potential for effective negotiation within its environment.

My personal wish is to re-focus the lens through which we view learning to dance or even simply to move, hoping to expose the creative practice and processes inherent in learning to move ,regardless of genre. ‚When you learn how to learn, you will realise that there are no teachers, that there are only people learning and people learning how to facilitate learning.‘ When you learn how to dance, you dance …..


Tänzerin,Choreographin, Feldenkrais Pädagogigin, Movement Research Artist

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