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FYEO Triptychon Videostill Small

For Your Eyes Only

There is nothing in front of me. There is nothing underneath my feet. There is nothing to my left. There is nothing here. There is nothing beyond the door, nothing the cat is running away with. There is nothing buried underneath the tree. There is nothing bruised, nothing growing in my kidneys. There is nothing funny about a gold fish. There is nothing in the house, nothing in the milky way. There is nothing left to see. Funny.

What is ’seen‘ on the stage exists only as a form of our imagination, evoked through random-involuntary settings that produce a real time without a basis in reality – and yet constantly examine truth or the world: as post-epic narration, as portrayal in its smallest dimension.

With Peter Stamer, Andreas Müller, and Sybrig Dokter

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